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Industrial Air & Vacuum Ltd ( has been established to provide Irish industry with high quality products for air compressor and vacuum application.

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Managing Director, Jonathan Plumb, has over 30 years compressed gas & vacuum knowledge. Previous employment include, Mannesmann Demag, Linde Gases and Compair. He established Vuototecnica in 2006 in the UK (now trading as Vacuum Technologies Ltd) and has been at the forefront of Compressed Air, Gas and Vacuum applications.

We believe it is essential to provide a complete solution to our customers needs by understanding the applications and the precise equipment to select to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability whilst meeting the customers expectations and ROI (return on investment)

Industrial Air & Vacuum Technologies work closely with today's leading product manufacturers and apply their 30 years technical ability in providing an informed and honest service to our customers.

For more information on our products and services please contact us on Telephone: +353 (0) 1 440 3956

or email:

Dedicated Technical web sites:

Compressed Air Technologies < >

Vacuum Technologies < >

Vacuum Technologies UK -

Vuototecnica UK -

Omega Air -

Almig Compressors -

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Almig compressors
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