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Industrial Air & Vacuum Technologies would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to the new Irish venture.

URL: - Tel: +353 (1) 440 3956. - email: info”

Vuototecnica -

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial vacuum equipment with one of the largest product portfolio’s available today.

Vacuum Cups, Compensators, regulators, vacuum switches, vacuum pumps, filtration and separation............TOTAL VACUUM SOLUTIONS

Omega-Air -

Premier manufacturer of compressed air purification equipment including - Compressed air filters, process filters, air dryers (adsorption & refrigeration) oxygen generators, nitrogen membrane and PSA generators, breathing air purification and a comprehensive range of alternative OEM filters all manufactured to the highest specification.

For more information on how can assist your business, please call us now on tel: +353 (1) 440 3956

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